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Klisens are energy saving devices designed to prevent energy waste caused by air conditioning. We offer serious reductions in your electricity bills with our patented products!

Klisens provides savings of up to 50% in energy waste in hotels, rental apartments and offices.

Air conditioners left running, especially in hotels, cause a great waste of energy, while at the same time leaving Klisens faced with serious electricity bills in unused areas.

Klisens, which we created to meet the need at this point, automatically turns off the air conditioner if no one is seen in the environment after a certain period of time, eliminating the waste of electricity.

Klisens Air Conditioner Saving Device

It turns off your air conditioner if you left it on after you leave. And without requiring any installation!

Klisens is an energy saving device designed to prevent waste caused by air conditioners left on. It is especially designed for office and hotel use, but it is compatible with all devices that you can control with a remote control.

Our product provides a modern and technological solution to the problem of cards left stuck in the room.

It has more than 2 years of battery life with 2 AAA batteries!

Klisens constantly checks whether there are people in the room/office. If it does not detect any person for a specified period of time (15-30-60-90 minutes), it turns off your air conditioner.

Thanks to its sensitive sensor technology, it can detect the smallest movements you make even while you sleep. The ideal time setting is 30 minutes for offices and a minimum of 60 minutes in bedroom environments such as hotels.

Klisens is completely wireless and battery operated. Therefore, you do not need to connect cables to your air conditioner, it functions as a remote control of your air conditioner.

Anyone can install the device; You can introduce your air conditioner remote control by pressing a button and then mount it on the ceiling. Klisens makes your air conditioner more comfortable by reducing its operating intensity and never cuts off the electricity to the air conditioner. Therefore, it extends the life of your air conditioner and reduces your maintenance costs.

Air conditioners are generally set to very low temperatures in summer and very high temperatures in winter. In this case, air conditioners can almost never go into stand-by mode and power consumption remains at maximum almost constantly.

Klisens only turns off your air conditioner, it does not turn it back on. In this respect, Klisens does not cause the air conditioner to start spontaneously, for example, while sleeping or entering the room. The user can turn on the closed air conditioner with the remote control.

Klisens is the most practical, effective and cost-effective solution designed for air conditioners. It prevents your money from going to waste. Klisens devices aim to reduce your electricity bills by up to 50% depending on your usage.

Klisens Energy Saving Smart Remote Control

Klisens Energy Saving Smart Remote not only performs all the functions of the standard remote control, but also offers you an energy saving feature.

Before you put your remote control in the guest rooms, you determine the lower and upper limits of the temperature! For example, you can set and leave it to prevent the temperature from falling below 21 C while cooling. Even if the user sets the temperature to 16 C on the remote control, your remote control will actually send 21 C to the air conditioner and the environment will never fall below 21 C. Thus, you will save a significant amount of energy.

Our product provides a modern and technological solution for air conditioners set to very low or very high temperatures.

Thanks to the locking feature of the remote control with certain buttons, your guests cannot change the lower and upper limits.

You can use our smart remote control instead of your existing remote control, it is compatible with all brands of air conditioners.

Klisens Room Energy Control Devices

No more worrying about using Energy Savers and cards with our energy control devices!

Thanks to Klisens' heartbeat and breathing detection sensors, when you enter the room, all your energy and central system air conditioner work automatically. It stays on while you are in the room. It turns off automatically when you leave the room. Thus, it provides comfort and energy saving!

Our products offer a modern and technological solution to the problem of cards left stuck in the room.

Our devices are wired and compatible with all central system VRV/VRF/Fancoil systems.

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As Erbaş Technology, we have been designing and manufacturing 100% Turkish-made innovative products since 2012.

We offer high-tech and high-quality devices for home, office and industrial use to domestic and international markets with our group consisting of three companies: Istanbul, Afyonkarahisar and Bulgaria.

We export domestic products to more than 30 countries with our product technologies, production capability, quality understanding and after-sales services that we develop day by day with our expert staff.

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